MAISON MARAZUL is located in the beach town of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.  Known to have some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Santa Teresa is situated just north of the of the Cabo Blanco National Reserve, in the unspoiled southern point of the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean side.  As Santa Teresa stretches north, it grows more intimate, more pristine, and more exclusive.  MAISON MARAZUL is located on the northernmost edge of Santa Teresa.

As a vacation destination, SANTA TERESA appeals to a more intrepid type of traveler.  In the adventure comes the reward. Imagine Hawaii before it was overrun by tourism, or the anti-St. Barts.  This was how we came to know Santa Teresa, raw and untamed.  We came back, year after year, and committed to develop our own oasis, a Moorish inspired haven of casual cool rising out of the jungle canopy.

Welcome to MAISON MARAZUL, where our vision of a relaxed, but luxurious beach villa has been realized, created to suit our collective sense of comfort and style.  MAISON MARAZUL is offered to those seeking a rarified private vacation home experience.  An oceanfront refuge nestled in the trees, nature and luxury combined.

“What’s it like there?”, people ask.  Those who have already experienced Costa Rica know that SANTA TERESA is very different than the mainland.  The area is less humid, has fewer insects and is less developed.  These features, and the area’s beautiful beaches, consistent surf, and 80F water have made it the insider destination for surfers, backpackers, nature aficionados and hip bohemians from all over the world.

This wanton and unhurried pace of living is not for everyone, and is best suited for seasoned travelers who make their own itineraries.  Surprising things happen when you spend time in a place like MAISON MARAZUL.  The atmosphere intoxicates, and the memories will compel you to return.